Residential Construction Certificate of Achievement


Total Credit Hours: 35

Colleague Code: CA.RCNST

Curriculum Code: BDM 201

Recommended Course Sequence:

First Semester: BDM 102, BDM 112, TEM 1103

Second Semester: BDM 106, BDM 108, BDM 110, BDM 120

Third Semester: BDM 114, BDM 116, Program Course Selection

Program Information:

Top 3 Occupations According to

For Program Information Contact:

Business and Technologies Department at 217.786.2286 or 217.786.2406 or see an academic advisor.

Required Program Courses (35 credits)

BDM 102

Introduction to Construction Occupations

4 credits

BDM 106

Basic Carpentry I

4 credits

BDM 108

Basic Carpentry II

4 credits

BDM 110

Basic Masonry

4 credits

BDM 112

Blueprint Reading

3 credits

BDM 114

Basic Plumbing

4 credits

BDM 116

Residential Wiring

4 credits

ESI 101

Employability Skills

2 credits

TEM 103

Vocational-Technical Math

3 credits

Program Course Selections

3 credits

Program Course Selections (choose 3 credits)

BDM 118

Painting and Finishing

3 credits

BDM 120

Surveying and Building Layout

3 credits

Lincoln Land Community College provides the following information in compliance with the “Program Integrity” and “Gainful Employment in a Recognized Occupation” regulations as defined by the US Department of Education (34 CFR 668.8).

Gainful Employment Information

In-District Tuition & Fees:


Books & Supplies:


Academic Year 10-11 Completions:


On-time Completion**


On-time Rate**


Placement Rate***


Median Federal Loan****


Median Private Loan****


Median LLCC Loan****


** Many students attend part-time and are not able to complete the certificate in the amount of time indicated in the LLCC catalog. Students may also work on multiple degrees/certificates simultaneously, which often lengthens their time to completion.

***Calculated from FY10,11,12 respondents to employment status on the LLCC Career & Technical Graduate Follow-up Survey

****This is the median loan amount borrowed by certificate completers in 2010-2011.