Electrical Distribution Lineman Maintenance Certificate of Achievement


Total Credit Hours: 31.5

Colleague Code: CA.EDLMM

Curriculum Code: EDL 245

Recommended Course Sequence:

First Semester: EDL 130, EDL 131, EDL 132, EDL 133, EDL 134, EDL 135, ELM 103, ELM 105

Second Semester: ELM 107, EMS 100, TDS 154

Program Information:

Top 3 Occupations According to www.onetonline.org:

For Program Information Contact:

Business and Technologies Department at 217,786.2381 or 217.786.2406 or see an LLCC academic advisor.

Required Program Courses (37.5 credits)

EDL 130

Electrical Lineman Climbing Training

3.5 credits

EDL 131

Fundamental Electrical Distribution

2 credits

EDL 132

Electrical Distribution Hardware Safety

2 credits

EDL 133

Electrical Distribution Hand Tools and Devices

2 credits

EDL 134

Lineman Electrical Rubber Gloving

2 credits

EDL 135

Underground Residential Electrical Distribution

2 credits

ELM 103

Principles of Electricity

4 credits

ELM 105

Principles of Transformers and AC Circuits

4 credits

EMS 100

Emergency Medical Responder

3 credits

TDS 154

CDL Basic Truck Driving

7 credits

Lincoln Land Community College provides the following information in compliance with the “Program Integrity” and “Gainful Employment in a Recognized Occupation” regulations as defined by the US Department of Education (34 CFR 668.8).

Gainful Employment Information

Gainful Employment Information is located at http://ww3.llcc.edu/ge/caedlmm/47.0105-gedt.html